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The bakery in Wincheringen
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Our breads
Light breads
Dark breads
80% Wheat
20% Rye

A bright mix of wheat- and wholegrain rye flour that goes great with almost everything.

80% Wheat
20% Rye

This bread rests for over two hours and develops a wonderfully juicy and elastic texture.

Blanc de la Maison
100% Wheat

Thanks to its 72 hour fermentation the Blanc is incredibly flavorful and nuanced for a wheat bread.

Blanc with olives and feta
100% Wheat

With the same 72 hours resting period, this is the Blancs mediterranean cousin.

100% Wheat

With a dough that rests for 72 hours, the Chnurzel is a more compact version of the Blanc de la maison.

Chnurzel with olives and feta
100% Wheat

The same dough as the natural Chnurzel enhanced further through the addition of olives and feta.

Chnurzel with tomatos and basil
100% Wheat

Another version of the Chnurzel, this time we've added tomatos and basil.

70% Rye
30% Wheat

A rustic blend of rye and wheat flour. Perfect with a slice of cheese or some Nutella.

60% Rye
40% Wheat

Contains carrots, pumpkin-, sunflower- and flax seeds, sesame and millet.

Spelt Wholegrain
100% spelt flour

A very juicy wholegrain bread that tastes wonderfully of nutty spelt.

Rye Wholegrain
100% Rye

Pure wholegrain rye bread with a dark and soft crumb.

70% Rye
30% Wheat

The ideal bread for a flavorful cheese like a Roquefort.

60% Rye
40% Wheat

Eating müsli in a bowl is so 2018. Contains oats, fried fruits, almonds, walnuts etc.

55% Rye
45% Wheat

Brought out for Swedish festivities, the Kavring is an interesting mix of sweet and savory.

Danish rye
70% Rye
30% Wheat

A danish rye bread which has a slightly sweet flavor to it.

70% Wheat
30% Spelt flour

This typical swedish treat comes in three flavors: vanilla, cinnamon & cardamom

100% Wheat

A wonderfully fluffy bread, loaded with massvis of raisins and freshly roasted almonds.

All our breads are made with long resting periods for the dough, which results in deep and rich flavor. Therefore, we ask you to give us 2 days notice for larger orders or when ordering from our Specialities.

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About us

Few things connect us to our childhoods in the same way the taste and the smell of bread do. They communicate to us a sense of home, and the safety of being well-fed and satisfied. Even though quality ingredients play a big part in bread, the most important ingredient is time. It's when time is available in plenty that baking a good loaf of bread comes easiest to you and brings you the most joy.

Our breads are made by hand from natural sourdough, which is given up to 24 hours to mature and develop its full flavor. We use flours and seeds from ecological farms and of course you won’t find any preservatives or unnatural additives in my bread. The bread is baked on stone, where it obtains its wonderfully flavor-packed crust.

Bread is something so simple and has been a companion of humans for thousands of years. A great start to any day, a reliable staple in kitchens around the globe or the centerpiece of a beautiful picnic spread. Bread does it all. Even though our family loves to cook, we find breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. And what would breakfast be without a good slice of bread?

Bianka Moberg & the Brothaus Team

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